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What is the best instant pot?

An instant pot, is a type of pressure cooker. It is more, a combination of both slow cooker and pressure cooker. This electronic appliance is designed in a way to prepare food instantly and effortlessly. Though this appliance was first made to be operated as a steamer, food warmer, rice cooker, pressure cooker, later it was further modified.

The cooking method of an instant pot is pressure cooking. Here, the food is sealed inside a vessel, with water and heated. A pressure cooker also works in the same way. Instant pots and pressure cookers are very popular kitchen appliances, in today’s time.

The methods of cooking with the help of a pressure cooker

The cooking methods of an instant pot and pressure cooker are similar. In this type of cooking, the food along with is kept in the closed cooker or pot. The pressure gets created as the pot is heated. The steam inside the cooker increases the pressure level, which increases the temperature. This helps the food, inside to get cooked faster. After cooking, the internal pressure is released, slowly. Then the pot can be, safely opened. Any food is quickly cooked in a cooker.

Water’s boiling point is 100-degree Celcius, at the standard pressure level. The food’s temperature level is restricted as it is cooked in water. The excess is released in the form of steam. Because of the enclosed condition, the superheated water causes the food to be cooked, faster. Usually, boiled food is cooked in a pressure cooker. Instant pots are a more advanced form of a rice cooker. Rice is cooked in these pots, in a more comfortable and faster methodology.

The health benefits of using an instant cooker

Due to pressure cooking, certain harmful toxins and bacteria are killed. Though all microorganisms do not get shot in the process, the number is reduced.

The capacity of a regular pressure cooker

Pressure cookers come in different sizes and shapes with various capacities. But the role of 6 liters’ is the most common. Usually, 2/3rd of the stove has to be filled with water.

Manufacturing Material of pressure cookers

Pressure cookers are generally made up of stainless steel or aluminum. It is a ubiquitous and regularly used kitchen appliance. Nowadays, non –stick cooker are available.

Reactive metals, like aluminum, is harmful to food. They get heated very quickly, and as a result, food can get burnt quickly. Stainless steel is ideal for pressure cookers. It can comfortably hold substantial food quantities. These type of stoves can be washed effortlessly and safely. They, also do not heat the food up too quickly. The quality of food items is adequately preserved. Stainless steel cooker looks fancy, shiny and fascinating.

The safety features of a cooker

Early cookers had only one safety valve. This increases the risk of explosion. Nowadays, there are some safety features.

Features of a modern cooker are :

The Locking Device: All modern day cookers have the locking device. Located on the lid, these devices open only when the inside pressure is reduced, when it is safe to take off the top. The lock is sensitive to the developed pressure levels. So there is almost nothing to worry about the mounting pressure inside the cooker.

  • The safety valves: The valves are the regulators of pressure. There are many types of valves.
  • Spring Valves: Spring valves allow the steam to be released, by popping up, once the pressure has increased.
  • Jiggle Top Valves: These valves usually release the excess steam.
  • Automatic Indicators: Besides the pressure valves, gaskets push upwards, releasing the pressure.
  • Safety Handles: Safety handles help to handle the cookers properly.
  • Encapsulated Design: This feature helps to protect the cooker from continuous exposures to heat while cooking.

The various stages of the indication of pressure

The modern-day cookers have many processes of pressure indication. These help the cookers to cook with safety.

When the pressure level is minimum, the initial indication comes. It comes with a hissing noise. It is very much audible and becomes louder with an increase of pressure.

The valve has many escape holes. These hole help to release steam, if pressure increases to an extreme level. This is done to maintain internal pressure level.

If escape holes remain clogged, as a result of the steam cooker or vapor or dirt, excess pressure is released with the help of safety hole on the first part of the pot.

The final pressure release happens when gasket moves up, and the excess steam or vapor escapes. The steam is released using an aperture, present on the rim of a pressure cooker’s lid.


Foods get cooked much faster, and more comfortable with the help of pressure cookers. This pressure cooking needs fewer water amounts than any other forms of conventional boiling. The minimum number of water helps to keep the vessel of the pot or cooker, full of steam. Thus, necessary and essential vitamins or minerals do not leave. Due to a shorter time of cooking, vitamins are well. Preserved during this kind of pressure cooking.

Several different kinds of foods are easily cooked together. The high number of germs or bacteria are killed due to the high-temperature levels. The food prepared is healthy and can be fed to a baby even, safely. It is easy to cook with a cooker; thus during camping or outdoor traveling, this cooking method is widely preferred.

The Modern day pressure cookers are more comfortable to use and more safe for the cooks. They are convenient, durable, reliable and thus become a last necessary item in the modern kitchen.

The instant pots or cookers are very much advanced, now. They can even be operated electrically. They are incredibly eco-friendly appliances, very convenient for transportation as well as storage. With the advance of science and technology, the household appliances like the pressure cookers, also are evolving and changing. They with the touch of modern technology and science, have become safer, more useful and appealing. Even amateur cooks can easily cook by using a secure, handy and advanced pressure cooker. Find what is the best instant pot slow cooker for your family.

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